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Photo Gallery

Bruce Andrews, Winner of ENCBA Guitar Pack Raffle

The Loose Cannons

Al Batten & The Bluegrass Reunion

2nd Open mic at the ENC Bluegrass show Sept. 2013. Jammers who volunteered to play.

Past Board members of the ENC Bluegrass Assoc.

Past Jammers

9-14-2013 Good crowd. Hwy 58 on stage..

ENC Bluegrass Assoc.Officers for 2014

Open Mic Players for Jan. 11 2014

Natalie and Justin

Spare Parts These guys were jammin' and we needed a fill in group and they volunteered and I gave them the name they have because they were parts of other bands.. Never know what can happen at our shows.

Nov 2013 Open Mic. Players

Natalie and Donna

Mike Rose

Carol Tyndall & Natalie

Waylon & Ann

Spare Parts on Stage

The Boys From Carolina

Gene Antwine, Jammin' is allowed

G. Antwine & Herb Martin at White Oak Shore's Fest.

1st Open Mic. Night & ENCBA Show Aug.10 2013

Vencen Locklear Oct. 2013 Open Mic.

Roby Huffman. Its been a year since he passed away. He is missed by all, and what a crowd pleaser he was.

Open Mic. group for Feb. 8 2014

Open Mic. Feb. 8 2014

Open Mic. Feb.8 2014